Delta Vs The World Autocross #10

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The 3rd Annual Delta vs. The World is now here. Rally up your best autocross Warriors from your region, head down to New Orleans and see what you got as a group. This will be a two-day competition.

Once upon a time Louisiana scca regions came together four times a year in an Epic competition to determine who had the fastest drivers among our proud State. This competition was known as Transcontinental Louisiana Autocross Challenge(Tlac ). For a majority of the Tlac’s history, Delta regions held the champion torch among all other Louisiana regions. Overtime Tlac was disband and became obsolete.

Due to the fall of Tlac is where Delta versus the world has risen. We at Delta are formally challenging every region. The call to battle has been announced, does your region have what it takes. Last year Red River brought their Warriors and were victorious in becoming 2016 Delta versus the world champion. Who will take home the trophy in 2017, skill and time will tell.

Rules :
*5 drivers per region accumulated Pax score.
*Best pax time per driver will be added together per day for a total time per region.
*Day 1 accumulated region pax time will be added to Day 2 accumulated region pax time for a regions over all event pax time. Region with the lowest event pax time wins. This allows for each region to have the possibility of different top packs drivers per day. Each region is encouraged to bring as many drivers as possible this is not a locked in 5 team.
* one car can only my two drivers per class, one car can be driven by more than 2 drivers if car class is bumped higher per added drivers per car.

We will provide water FREE for all racers. Snacks are $0.50. Water is $0.25 per bottle or 4 bottles for $1 for spectators.



Course open for walk thru

Rookie Walk Thru

Drivers Meeting

Cars in Grid

1st Car out

Entry Fees

$35.00 – SCCA Members
$50.00 – non-SCCA Members

+$10.00 On-site registration penalty.

Pre-registration at:


Starts On

October 28, 2017 - 8:00 am

Ends On

October 29, 2017 - 5:00 pm


NOLA Motorsport Park

11075 Nicolle Blvd
United States

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