About Delta SCCA


Delta Region was chartered in 1954, by the Sports Car Club of America . Based in New Orleans, Delta Region covers, Southeastern Louisiana, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Delta currently maintains a membership of about 130 motorsports and automotive enthusiasts. The club and its events are managed and run by an all volunteer board of directors.

Delta’s goal is provide affordable, safe access to motorsports activities for like-minded automotive enthusiasts. We accomplish this by organizing frequent autocross events. All of our events are insured, sanctioned by the SCCA, and are open to any driver who’s vehicle meets the requirements of the event they are participating in.

So, ready to race? Check out the autocross sections of our websites for details on the events we hold or hit up our calendar or blog for details on upcoming events.  We use facebook as our primary way to keeping in touch with memebers.

Please consider joining the SCCA. Besides getting discounts on local events, SCCA membership also give access to a slew of other discounts, and doubles as an annual pass ($50 value) for NOLA Motorsports Park.