During the monthly meeting on Jan 25th, Delta Region board of directors discussed and voted on entry fee price changes. Motion was proposed by Derek Wedgeworth , current Regional executive. Motion was passed by popular vote by the board of directors. New prices are listed below as well as a change in vocabulary.

New entry prices

Entry fee ; $50

SCCA discounted fee ; $35

Reasons for price change:

Scca has raised the price of weekend membership costs. Once $5 per non scca member , it is now $10. For every non scca member, scca requires a weekend membership to be filled out. This allows the non scca member to be an scca member during the event, so that the individual is covered under scca insurance.

After reviewing 2017 gross income, budgeted expenses, and net profit by our financial committee, Delta region only showed a net profit of $156. Delta region is a not-for-profit organization, where no individual makes or receives income from any activity associated with Delta region scca. With such a low net profit this does not ensure future event equipment upkeep.

It does sadden our heart to have to do a price increase. We have not seen a price change in close to 10 years. Net profits have been slowly going down due to the natural economic inflation. This price change only  ensures the future of Delta Region scca and that we can continually provide new and up-to-date equipment that increases the value of our events.


Delta Region SCCA,  Board of Directors